Auto Diagnostic Services
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Auto Diagnostic Services

Auto diagnostic services for vehicles on the Central Coast

Are you looking for auto diagnostic inspections on the Central Coast?

At Central Coast Mobile Automotive Repairs, we provide mobile auto diagnostic services to a wide range of vehicles including European cars and trucks. Using the latest technology in diagnostic equipment, our team can easily and accurately identify any problems in your car.

Having your vehicle regularly serviced can prevent and potential issues developing and becoming large problems that will not only damage your vehicle but cost more in the long run. This is the case if a diagnostic isn't thorough enough, but at Central Coast Mobile Automotive Repairs, we're committed to taking the time to perform each inspection to the highest standard.
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Our diagnostic services include fault finding and repair of:

  • Batteries
  • Lighting
  • Electric windows
  • Electric fuel injection
  • Starter motors & alternators
Once the potential problems in your vehicle's systems are identified, our qualified mechanics are able to repair them with ease. Working from fully equipped vans, we have the right supplies and equipment on hand to perform repairs on the spot.

Our experienced team also has the skills to work with luxury and high-performance cars. While we treat each vehicle with equal care, these vehicles often need specialised knowledge and delicacy in handling.

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