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Servicing for cars & trucks in Central Coast

Central Coast Mobile Automotive Repairs provides complete vehicle logbook and general servicing to a wide area of the Central Coast.

Our team are highly skilled with both automatic and manual transmissions, and service all makes and models. Not only that, our mobile mechanics travel in fully-equipped vans to make having a service done at your home or business easy.

A general or logbook service will vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in general we will:
  • Inspect & change engine oil & filter
  • Inspect & adjust brakes
  • Top up engine fluids
  • Test the battery
  • Check tyre pressure, radiator hoses, fan belts, lights & suspension & steering systems
Service - Gosford car servicing in Bateau Bay, NSW
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Car - Gosford car servicing in Bateau Bay, NSW

Brake & Clutch

Over time, brake and clutch pads, discs, disc rotors and drums will wear away due to friction. Having these systems checked, serviced and replaced as needed will ensure the longevity and safety of your vehicle.

In addition to those components, our team can inspect and service all aspects of the brake system, including hydraulics, brake master cylinder repairs and overhauling brake calipers.

Our qualified mechanics can also provide an analysis and diagnostic of electrical anti-lock braking systems.

Pre-purchase Inspections

Ensure the vehicle you're hoping to buy is mechanically sound and will last for a long time.

Our team will inspect the vehicle, taking into consideration aspects such as the gearbox, engine, steering components and other aspects of the car that have the potential to wear down.

We can perform pre-purchase inspections on all makes and models, including trucks, muscle cars and luxury vehicles.
Machine - Gosford car servicing in Bateau Bay, NSW
Turbo Charge - Gosford car servicing in Bateau Bay, NSW

LP Gas Servicing

LP gas servicing is a specialised service, focusing on specific checks of safety and components.

These services should be carried out every 12 months, or approximately every 20, 000km, and doing this will ensure your vehicle stays in good working condition. Regular servicing will also maintain the performance and durability of your engine.

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